Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ne it is necessary to store in me houses any trash.

U me there is no freezer in the number, he says Marla. you to me itself said, sunbeam reflection that it is possible to use

Ne spoke this 4. Least of all would like me so that Marla would begin to cross to me home, dragging over its junk in parts.
Marla unsealed wrapper on the kitchen, took out from there packet with something white and it began to shake it in me before

face, strewing entire by the all around polystyrene packing pellets.
Eto not der'mo, he says ona. this is my mother, so that collapse to the side.
Marla holds in hands one of packets for the sandwiches, filled thus by the white substance, from which we with Taylerom heat


Gorazdo worse would be, says Tayler, if you randomly ate contained one of these packets. If you awoke somehow among the

night and pressed this white wash from it, would add to it the concentrate of "California onion soup" and it would eat, makaya into

the dressing potato potato chips. Or brokkoli.
My stood on the kitchen with The the marloy, and most of all in the light at that moment me it did not want Marla to be opened

YA asked it, that it is assembled to make with this white substance.
Guby, it said Marla. with the age lips are pulled into the mouth this can be corrected with the aid of the injection of collagen. 4

already saved about thirty pounds of collagen in your refrigerator.
YA asked, what size it has lips after such injections.
Marla said that most of all it fears operation itself.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kogda below was slammed shut door after our guest

, Holmes already ran off from the stairs. I looked into the window, old woman plodded along other side of street, and Holmes stepped after it, after being held a little at some distance. "either entire its theory nothing costs, it thought , or now it will be grasped for the thread, which leads to the solution of this secret".
Pros'ba to wait for it was completely superfluous: perhaps I could fall asleep, without having learned how did end its adventure?
On left about nine. , of course, and concept it did not have, when it returns, but dully it sat in the dining room, puffing away by tube and turning over pages "Vie de Boheme"5 To myurzhe. Were opened ten; the servant proto-fall on the stairs, leaving to sleep. Here already even eleven, and again steps; I learned the stately step of our mistress, who was also being going herself to move away to the sleep. The lock below sharply clicked about twelve. As soon as Holmes entered, I immediately understood that it could not brag by success. On its face they fought risibility and vexation finally feeling of humor took precedence, and it gaily burst out laughing.
Chto conveniently, provided my friends from the Skotlend- yard did not smell out against etom! it exclaimed, rushing into kreslo. so many once it jeered above them, that they to me this on no account will not go down! But to laugh above itself I have right indeed I know that in the final analysis I will take revenge!
however, Da that of proizoshlo? asked .
ya remained in the fools, but this it doesn't matter. So here. Old woman went along the street, then suddenly she began to limp, and on everything it was obvious that the foot ached in it. Finally it stopped and called up the cab passed by. I tried to approach how nearer as possible in order to hear, where it velit to go, but it could and not work: it yelled to entire street: "Duncan- Street, number is thirteen!" Really here there is no fraud, it thought , but when it village into the cab, just in case was hitched from behind this skill must excellently manage each detective. So we rolled without the stoppages to the very Duncan- Street. I jumped off earlier than we drove up to the house, and without hurrying it went on the pavement. Cab stopped. Kebmen jumped and opened door no one! When I approached, it in the fury glanced into the empty cab, and it must say that this selected abuse even on its to century it did not hear! Old woman and the track of prostyl, and, I fear, for it for long it is necessary to await its denezhek! We managed in house thirteen by owner proved to be honorable oboyshchik on the name Of kesuik, but there no one and heard about Sawyers and Dennis.
Neuzheli you do want to say, it did amaze , that this feeble limping old woman did jump out from the cab in motion, yes so that neither you nor coachman this did note?
Kakaya there to the feature of starukha! angry it exclaimed Sherlock kholms. these are we with you old rams, and us they encircled around the finger! That there was, of course, young person, very adroit, and moreover matchless actor. Make-up in it was excellent. It, of course, noted that they follow it, and made this trick, in order to slip away. This it proves, that man, which we search for, acts not singly, as to me it was thought, it has friends, prepared for it to go for risk. However, doctor, you, I see, entirely anywhere you do not befit! Step- kA to sleep, this is what to you I will say!
YA and actually greatly got tired, and it willingly followed its council. Holmes sat in the glowing fireplace, and still for long he heard the quiet, mournful sounds of his violin. he already knew that this it means Holmes considered the strange secret, which he decided to untangle at any cost.